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There are grand parallels between a persons' first breath and last breath. In those two moments time appears to stand still; a way of providing the space for a family to transition through territory unknown. Whether it is welcoming a new heartbeat into this world or honouring a last breath, it is my goal to guide you through the transition with ease. 

Amber Thibault

Central Alberta's Birth Doula and Palliative Nurse

Amber has been guiding families through transitions for the last 7 years, sharing her time between welcoming wee ones earthside and releasing others to a realm those of us remaining can not yet go.

Trained as a Wholistic Doula and Registered Nurse, Amber has invested into many families as a birth and postpartum Doula all throughout Alberta, as a Nurse at the Alberta Children's Hospital Rotary Flames House, Community Palliative Care in Calgary, and on the Palliative and Oncology unit at Red Deer Regional Hospital. She is trained in providing MAiD provisions in the community and hospital.

Amber is one of the core instructors for the Holistic Doula Certificate Program through Pacific Rim College. She has previously taught for the BScN program at Red Deer Polytechnic and takes pride in her continual pursuit of educational opportunities to further the care and knowledge she can offer families and the community.

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Amber Thibault

Birth Doula and Palliative Nurse


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