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Palliative Care Nurse

Supporting individuals and families through transition

Trained as an RN, Amber has practiced as a Paediatric Palliative Nurse at Alberta Children's Hospital as well as a Community and Hospital based Palliative Nurse for the adult population. She created and owns a private In-Home Palliative Care company employing RN's, LPN's and HCA's to serve Central Albertan's who wish to palliate at home.

The Support

In my experience, when the last breath is on the horizon people often identify where they would be more comfortable. For some people it is going home from the hospital for a few hours to feed their horse one last time, for others it is to be surrounded by their family and friends in their home. Often this time of transition is often accompanied with medical needs, making it difficult to provide the comfort and refuge found outside of a hospital. I strive to provide the care required to balance both medical needs and the needs of the heart and mind to facilitate a peaceful and wholistic end of life experience. 

Whether you want 24/7 care, a few hours a day, or a one time experience, I'll collaborate with you to find and provide the best care, tailored to the entire family unit. 

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Amber Thibault


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